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Hong Gia La-Phu-Son is an ancient Taoist internal Kung Fu based upon Wu Chi (the essentials of Tai Chi, Hsing-I, and Pa Kua) and Nga Mi (Beautiful Eyebrow). It utilizes Noi Cong (nei kung), Chi Kung, and fighting movements so that students can develop (in order) health, strength, and self-defense.
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Hong-Gia, originally called Hong-Gia La Phu Son, means “the family of all Taoists’ Kung Fu from the monastery at Laufaushan”. Laufaushan is a sacred mountain located in Guandong province, near the southern coast of China.
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Courses: The following courses are offered at Hong Gia Quyen dojo located at: Hong Gia Viet Nam Little Saigon California, USA This location is run by master Ly Hong Thai. If you'd like to obtain more infomation please contact us.
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Wu-Chi (Qikong) Believed by many to be a direct adaptation of the original Taoist calisthenics and the origin of Tai Chi, Hsing-I, and Pa Kua. The primary focus of these classes is Chi Kung. The creation, storing, movement, and transmission of the body’s natural energy, Chi, for health, power, and healing is accomplished by breathing, body movements, physical and mental meditation, mental imaging, and shaking.